Prayer for talent increase

I prayed and asked God to increase my artistic talent and He did! As a single girl I saw a picture of a sermon chart in the back of a New Testament and decided to paint it on a bed sheet. “The State of Man” was the name of the chart. I went to the dime store and bought stencils to outline the letters, and bought magic markers in the colors I needed. With parents who encouraged me, I set about painting my first chart on a kitchen table.

My brother is an artist and a sign painter by trade. He saw the stencil outlines and told me I could do it freehand, gave me pointers, and encouraged me to try it. I called brother Steve Hudgins to ask what kind of paint and brushes he used. He gladly shared his knowledge with me. I asked God to bless me with the ability to paint the charts freehand, and in time He did. I then started praying for speed in painting charts. I didn’t want to spend several days painting one chart. Later I painted one in a few hours.

Prayers and talents have played an important part in my life.

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