Prayer request: 9-year-old killed

This came yesterday from Steven Belk, a brother in Streetsboro OH. Stacey is a part of the East Main church in Stockon CA. Wayne Jackson will perform the funeral, Steven tells us.

Vickie and I ask your prayers, for her niece Stacey, her 5-year old son Jose, and Vickie’s sister Carol (Stacey’s mom).

Today, while at the airport on her way back, Vickie received a call that Vickie’s grandniece Julianna Radlilla-Foutz, 9 years old, was hit by a car and killed while in a cross-walk next to a school. She and her brother Jose were with their grandmother Carol crossing the road with their motorized bikes when a minivan ran a red light on a perpendicular road at the intersection, turned into the lane they were crossing and hit her, just missing her brother by inches. The driver said the sun was in her eyes and she didn’t see them. Julianna’s mother Stacey had just passed them and waived at her as she was preparing to turn into the grandmother’s drive to pick them up after work. There are additional details about the accident and the driver’s actions which the newscasts aren’t including, that I won’t go into as they would only crush your heart and infuriate you. The accident happened late yesterday afternoon and she was pronounced dead about 2:30 PST this morning.

Details of final arrangements are on hold, awaiting her organs to be donated to help other children. We expect it will be later this week.

Julianna’s mother Stacey is a single mother with a low-wage job raising Julianna and her 5-year old brother alone since her husband left her after he had an affair. They’ve not heard from him in years, and nobody knows how to reach him. We’ve been told a local news station is establishing a fund for those who wish to help out with costs. I’ll forward the details when I get them in case you are interested in helping. Stacey was baptized but hasn’t been a devoted Christian for a few years. Hopefully this will work out for a spiritual good in her life to bring her back to the Lord.

The only comforting thing in all of this is to know that little Julianna is in heaven with Jesus. How unspeakably awesome that must be for her right now. Thanks for your prayers for the immediate and extended family in this time of grief,

Steve and Victoria