Prayer: Suely’s son murdered: updated

From Joseph McKinney Jr. in João Pessoa, Brazil:

We are taking our dear sister Suely to Recife today to bury her son. He was murdered. She is torn up, even though her family only told her that he had a motorcycle accident and was in serious condition in the hospital. Dad and Mom are going to tell her the truth before our trip. This will be the worst day of her life. She really needs your prayers!

UPDATE: Joseph sent this additional information to me:

His name was Anderson Batista, and we knew him since he was a little kid. His mother was one of the first converts in Recife. He strayed, spent some time in jail, but looked like he was trying to get his life right: visiting the church again, working and taking care of his family. It looks like he got in a fight at a soccer game, and the person came later to his work and shot him in front of his wife.

The news report he sent me a link to said he was 33.

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