New sister in Christ requests prayers during painful growth process

Our sister in Christ, Karen D., has been a frequent reader and commenter here on TFR for many months. She mentioned to me that she wanted to make a comment asking for prayer, and I offered to post her request as a separate post. It is below. Let’s keep her in prayer as she works ever toward the truth.

I have started to think of TFR as part of my spiritual family, and I want to be honest with you. Don’t know if that’s right or not, but that’s where I am.

TFR has been a vital part of my Christian growth this past year. I have read almost every article, and applied many things to my spiritual life that you have written. But the truth is I really need your prayers right now. I need your wisdom, fellowship, and guidance to help me. I’m feeling insecure and not very spiritually strong.

I have been a member of the church of Christ now for almost a year. Before I was baptized I had been Roman Catholic for 27 years, and also charismatic in that I believed in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and all the gifts that came with it.

I did not give up these beliefs when I was immersed for remission of sins because I had not studied them nor realized they were wrong.

After a tremendous amount of study and prayer, I was able to give up my belief in Premillennialism around three weeks ago. This past week I was also able to let go of my belief in modern miracles, and my ability to speak in a prayer language (tongues).

From my studies I now know that tongues and miracles no longer exist as they once did. It’s a false belief.

This has been a difficult adjustment for me, and has sent me into an emotional spiral. My heart is broken, and I am trying to make sense of it all and to understand how I can/could speak in tongues, and why miracles seemed so real to me.

I may never understand, but the bottom line is that God said not to speak in tongues without an interpreter, and I want to obey Him (1 Cor.14).

Although I only prayed in tongues for private prayer, the principle is the same. Without an interpreter, I had no idea what I was praying. If I had been given an English interpretation, then there would have have been no need for tongues. It makes sense now.

I feel like I have lost the Holy Spirit and my best friend. I don’t feel happy anymore.

These beliefs were deeply entwined with my spiritual core and it hurts like crazy. I believe somehow God will get me through this, but it is a big hurdle. Please pray for me.

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