Preaching Is Tough

In the third volume of his masterpiece, Search for the Ancient Order (p. 57), Earl Irvin West quotes from an article in the Nov. 17, 1914 issue of Christian Leader by Claude F. Witty. In it, Witty describes some advice an old Christian gave him after he preached his first sermon:

“My brother, now that you have begun to preach, the people of the world will try to kill you, the people of other churches will try to kill you, and that is not all, for your own brethren will try to kill you. And, if they can, you ought to die (as a preacher). If you are not strong enough to live through the ordeal, you are not fit for a preacher of the gospel; but if you are strong enough to live in spite of them, then you are strong enough to make a success of your work.”