Precious Lord Stand by Me From the Cradle to the Grave

Here’s a sermon outline for Psalm 71. These are only “bare bone” points, but if you take them and read the Psalm you’ll see that there are wonderful little nuggets of preaching points and truth all through out it.

Verses 1-4: Please Stay With Me

Verses 5-8: People Can Tell You’re With Me

Verses 9-12: I Don’t Know What I’ll Do If You’re Not With Me

Verses 13-18: I Will Tell Others That You Are With Me

Verses 19-21: Be With Me Through The Highs And Lows

Verses 22-24: Thank You For Being With Me

I wrote the “main points” from the point of view of the writer speaking toward God. To me personally, verses 13-21 are a very rich place in the Psalm with multiple points within them that can apply to various areas of life. Not to mention, if you use the song that I referenced in the post title, it will fit wonderfully! I hope you find this useful for personal study or for public use.

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