How to avoid taking preeminence in the kingdom of God

A denominational study site required extra confirmation for comments, and I refused to jump through that extra hoop. So you get these comments on their study for today here on TFR, answering specifically one of their “To Ponder” questions. Feel free to use the comments below in any form you’d like (except online, where etiquette demands a link).

God’s servants refuse to take preeminence in the process of kingdom growth. Humility means knowing our place. People will try to exalt the servant of God. Such attempts must be resisted. We can ensure that the focus is on God by

  1. always pointing people to Scripture and not letting them be satisfied with our explanations;
  2. refusing to allow others to place us on a pedestal through the use of titles or special privileges;
  3. remembering that as servants the authority is not ours, but still belongs, in full, to the Lord Jesus Christ.

These are three solid suggestions. More can be gleaned from Scripture as you examine gospel truth and your own heart.

Feel free to add your ideas on how to do this, along with scripture texts to mine or yours.

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