The process of Bible study

This acrostic (“TIP”) might be helpful in remembering the necessary process of studying the Bible. Much can be said about each step, but this little item attempts to provide us a brief reminder.

  • Text (content, words, context, history)
    • Answers: What does the text say?
  • Intent (understanding, meaning, “interpretation”)
    • Answers: What did the original author mean?
  • Practice (application, relevance)
    • Answers: How do we apply the text?

I don’t offer much that’s original above, except for the acrostic. This is the normal historical-grammatical approach to Bible study, put in summary form for simple people like me.

No one can understand the Bible by opening it haphazardly and reading a verse. It deserves a full reading and focused study, so that we might know its content, understand its message and apply it in a correct and coherent manner, just as 2 Tim 2.15 instructs us.

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