Progressive??? A “visitation” program that works!

For years we conducted visitation & local evangelism traditionally – handing out cards of folks to visit. The results were hardly visible unless it was the discomfort of some families who received the visits. It certainly wasn’t producing the results desired. About three years ago we decided to make a change. Someone came up with the idea for what we call “Meals Ministry” (entirely scriptural; put it under the heading of hospitality). Those who before were handed cards were grouped with two other couples. The three couples meet in one of their homes at their chosen time and host a meal with invited guests who may have visited our services, or are simply friends (prospects) or “fringe members”. The only “church talk” is to be sure they know it represents our congregation & positive comments about the church. In other words it is not used as a teaching tool but as an introduction. The results have blown us away! Not only has it created a greater sense of fellowship within the church, it has also resulted in numerous families being added. We have discovered that they want to be a part of our fellowship because of the warmth and fellowship and accept our teachings as part of the package. “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples.”

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