“Proverbs Are The Piths” (4)

Proverbs 2:10-15 reminds me very much of Matthew 10:16.

Solomon is warning his children that everyone they meet won’t be interested in their well-being. If they don’t keep on their toes, they’ll soon be walking a path that needs to be less traveled. These admonitions are still as valuable today as the day they were given.

Verse 10 – The realization of the blessings in verses 11-12 are based upon the condition of this verse. “When wisdom enters…when knowledge is pleasant to the soul…” then a heads up will be given when sneaky characters come our way.

Verse 11 – Listen to God and we can better know when we hear garbage and foolishness and sin that harms the body, soul and spirit! If it doesn’t pass the sniff test, it doesn’t pass the test! This is the essence of discretion and understanding.

Verse 12 – Why are wisdom and knowledge essential? They can help keep young people from slipping on the words of the “slick talking men” who prey on them.

Verse 13-15 – Think the base characteristics of people have changed? Think again! The same promises to lure the young people of yesterday are still used as bait today. And everyday someone puts down their better judgment to take a little nibble, only to find the hook of wickedness set firmly in their heart.

There are wolves on every corner, so Solomon is urging his young sheep to carry a ready stick!

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