“Proverbs Are The Piths” (7)

Here’s a Sermon Outline for Proverbs 3. Again, I’m giving you the “bare bones” but it’s a great and rich chapter with a ton of potential. Follow the “points” I make and you’ll see the point the scriptures are teaching.

These are the promises of a wise parent – We can’t promise our children everything, but we can promise these when wisdom is followed.

Verses 1-2: A Fulfilling Life

Verses 3-4: A Respectable Life

Verses 5-6: A Direction in Life

Verses 7-8: A Healthy Humility

Verses 9-10: True Investments

Verses 11-12: A Perfect Father

Verses 13-18: An Attainable Goal

Verses 19-20: A Meaning in Life

Verses 21-26: A Clean Conscience

Verses 27-30: A Legacy of Good

Verses 31-35: A Salvation from God

Follow the flow correctly, and you’ll get no less than 2 sermon or class outlines from this, if not many more. God bless in your efforts to preach, teach and serve God.

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