“Proverbs Are The Piths” (9)

Think the advice of Solomon is outdated??? Read chapter 5:1-14 to change your mind! In this section, Solomon tackles the topic of adultery, and you know what? The only thing that has changed about adultery is the name our culture calls it. Who was it that said, “There’s nothing new under the sun” again?

Verses 1-6: Right away Solomon urges to listen up! This is serious! When we mess with adultery we’re messing with candy-coated poison. Steer your lips clear and keep them clean with discretion and knowledge. Two things that every body doesn’t want. The strange/immoral woman/prostitute promises a life like no other, but it only leads in one direction (vs. 5). Solomon pleads with his son to remember that she has no interest in the right path for your life, and she’ll do whatever she can to keep you from thinking about it too. She’s nothing like the woman called knowledge in Proverbs 4:5-9 – you can’t figure this one out so don’t even try!

Verses 7-14: Commit adultery and we’ll walk in something, but we’ll leave out with nothing. Like Paul told Timothy, there are times when we’ll never regret running away (2 Timothy 2:22). Honor, years of life, wealth, health, senses and self! Do you know what they all have in common? Commit adultery and you can kiss them goodbye according to Solomon. Ignore this advice, and we do so to our own peril.

Have you ever wondered how Solomon found out about the way his father and mother met each other? Maybe his point of view toward adultery came from that knowledge; but if I had to be honest, it sounds like words from personal experience to me. After all, not only do we know about the mistakes of Solomon’s father when it came to women; we know about the mistakes of David’s son too. Perhaps Solomon was trying to break a family tradition that will break up a man, a faith, a heart, a conscience, a life, a soul and the entire family.

In the next several verses Solomon reminds his son about two ways to avoid getting caught in the trap of adultery. We’ll save those for next time.

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