Psalm 1

Vs. 1-3 show the value and benefit of being “blessed” by God;

Vs. 4-5 show the certainty and condemnation of the “wicked;”

Vs. 6 shows the clarity of God’s evaluation of each!

A person is “blessed” for NOT walking, standing, or sitting with sinners; walking is accompaniment, standing shows deeper interest, sitting indicates prolonged acceptance. There could not be a clearer description of the danger of fellowshipping “unfruitful works of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11-12).

The “ungodly” are those with no regard for God,” “sinners” are those with little or no regard for God’s laws; “scorners” are those who blame God for their self-imposed consequences of refusing to follow God’s laws.

The parallel with a prosperous, prolific tree should not be lost to the faithful, nor should the reference to the ungodly as “chaff” be unexpected to the condemned! The “love of God” protects the righteous from the ungodly, certainly in eternity, and is open to accept all sinners who repent (Acts 17:30-31). This psalm (song) strengthens one’s faith in God’s righteous judgment.

The “ungodly” are to be blown away, as chaff, in the final judgment, and “sinners” will avoid congregating with the righteous because they don’t want “light” to shine on their darkness (John 3:19-21).