Psalm 135 Which God Should We Worship?

There is no assigned author, time, or place for this Psalm, but it certainly brings together elements from a few other Psalms to show God is above all “gods!”

Verses 1-4 call for God’s People to praise Him;

Verses 5-18 mention why God is Supreme;

Verses 19-21 make a second call for God’s People to praise Him.

Verses 1-4: Look at what the LORD has done to distinguish His Name: (1 His “Servants” in “the house of the LORD” know He is “good” (Jesus said, “No one is good but One, that is, God,” Matthew 19:17); (2 “Praises to His Name” are to be sung, “for it is pleasant” (that is, it is a joyful response to His Name); (3 God chose “Jacob” (whose name was changed to) “Israel” (not Ishmael!) “for His special treasure,” through whom will come Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-33).

Verses 5-18: The LORD is “great,” and “above all gods,” because: (Verses 5-7) He is All-Powerful (does as He pleases); Creator and Ruler of Earth (including heaven, earth, seas, deep places, water cycle, lightning in rain, wind from His “treasuries”). One God over all Creation, unlike idolaters who need many “gods” for one Creation! (Verses 8-12) He created and blessed the Israelite Nation by “signs and wonders” ending in the death of “the firstborn of Egypt” (man and beast! Exodus 9-12); defeated all the Canaanite nations for Israel to have the “Promised Land” (Book of Joshua); gave Canaan to Israelites as long as they obeyed Him (Deuteronomy 29). (Verses 13-18) NO idol has begun to accomplish as much for their people as God has for His! Idols are the product of human planning and carving, made in the image of a human (mouths, eyes, ears, none of which work because there is no breath of life!). God made humans in His own image (Genesis 1:26). Humans may become godly, but idolaters, those who trust idols, become cold, unfeeling, and blind, deaf, and dumb (or speechless).

Verses 19-21: Because God is Creator, All-Powerful, Ruler over human history, He deserves the praise and blessing from the “house of Israel,” “house of Aaron,” “house of Levi,” and all “who fear the Lord” should “bless the LORD.” The living God deserves, and should receive, all praise and blessing from those whom He has helped.

 All Scriptures and comments are based upon the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

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