Psalm 58

Vs. 1-5 show how thoroughly wicked some may become;

Vs. 6-9 ask God to dismantle the strengths of the wicked;

Vs. 10-11 mention how satisfied the righteous are when that is done.

Verses 1-5: In verses 1-2, David shows his disgust at corruption in judicial matters. “You silent ones” in Hebrew can also be “you gods” reflecting the presumed elevated position judges should occupy. Jesus based an argument on the coordination of Bible teaching when He quoted Psalm 82:6 as “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High” (John 10:33-38). “Judges” were being addressed, and they had abandoned their adherence to God’s Law, thus could not be counted on to make right judgments! In verse 3, the wicked are “speaking lies” as soon as they become “wicked” and “go astray.” Since newborns do not “speak,” this figure of speech will not permit the doctrine of “inherited sin” or “total depravity.” Rather, this verse shows that as quickly as possible, people leave the goodness of God’s Law for the evil of the Devil’s way, but this is not the condition of the baby at birth! The baby’s condition is not sinful, but the world into which he is born! Verses 4-5 describe David’s generation, just as Jesus later would do (Matthew 12:24; 23:33). Like snakes, they inject poison designed to destroy; they strike without listening (Ecclesiastes 10:11; Jeremiah 8:17); they attack when they are not being “charmed.” In other words, the wicked are wicked regardless of what the righteous may, or may not, say to them. People act wickedly when there have been no cross words, heated exchanges, pathetic offensive videos, or religious debates set before them!

Verses 6-9: In verses 6-8, God is asked to destroy every troubling advantage the wicked may have by: making them toothless predators; drained off waters; broken arrows; diminishing snails; and dead babies! Since God says, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay” (Romans 12:19), David shows what vengeance one is entitled to ask God for! Verse 9 shows how quickly this could happen, before a “pot” could heat up over burning thorns!

Verses 10-11: The “righteous shall rejoice” to know God will not save the wicked, but they will pay for what evils they have done. David will say more in Psalm 139:19-22: “Oh, that You would slay the wicked, O God! Depart from me, therefore, you bloodthirsty men. For they speak against You wickedly; Your enemies take Your name in vain. Do I not hate them, O LORD, who hate You? And do I not loathe those who rise up against You? I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them my enemies.” And again in Psalm 119:104: “Through Your precepts I get understanding; Therefore I hate every false way.” It is a broken society that would “hate good and love evil” (Micah 3:2).

All Scriptures and comments are based upon the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

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