PtP tomorrow

An expected 2000 people are making their way to east Tennessee for Polishing the Pulpit. Today our family had a delightful lunch with the Weylan Deaver family at The Old Country Store — the original Cracker Barrel — at the Casey Jones Village in Jackson TN, as they stopped off I-40 on their way to the event.

Larry told me last night he’s going. Who else among our number is going?

I think Weylan said that Jody Apple is a speaker. The schedule says Evelyn will address the ladies. Alan Highers, whom we saw Tuesday night, will speak, as will Rudy Cain of WVBS and Mac Deaver. I heard Mike Winkler preach last Sunday, and he’s on the slate at PtP also. Add our friend Phil to that number.

Dale Jenkins is also a speaker and he mentioned he’ll make a special announcement there about a project in which I may play a small part.

Looks like it’ll be a great event, starting tomorrow.

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