PTP Update: Sunday Afternoon

Hello from Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville, TN–After a rest time Saturday afternoon, we  went back over  to PTP–Excellent  congregational singing  although  2 or 3  songs I did not  know and one I  doubt that  10% knew.  I  went to the  Preacher’s Breakout  session   led  by Melvin Sapp from SC– His  lesson was  “How To Reach and Exceed Our Goals.” I  appreciated  his  emphasis  on  the  physical and  mental preparation in our lives to prepare ourselves to be ready to give our “all” to the Lord.

Brent Heeke and I went to the 7pm session, “What Can We Learn From the Business World on  How to  communicate as Church Leaders.” (Elders session)  The  speaker was Matt Vega, Attorney; it was a  good practical workshop.

This  morning, (Sunday  Aug. 29th),  I went up to the South Knoxville Church of Christ (Geoff Mabe, Preacher)  Jerry Jenkins from the Roebuck Pkwy church in Birmingham was the Bible School speaker– excellent lesson “You may be the ‘Missing Link’ in Evangelism.”  He  spoke  on the  importance of a soul. He stressed the  need to be  involved in evangelism.  

The  Worship hour’s speaker was Wendell Fike of the Airport church in S. San Fransisco, CA– He spoke on “My Favorite Sermon.” It was “I Want to Go Home.” Good sermon  on our  Heavenly  Home and that the  Christian should long to be  there and prepare ourselves in this  life and be involved in the Lord’s work.

We are  gong back over to PTP in a couple  hours. I’ll probably  wait  to tomorrow to post about that and the morning and afternoon sessions–