PTP-Wed. Night Update

Hi there–hard to believe that  today was the last  full day at PTP–There  is a  morning session on Thursday and then it’s over for another  year!

I am so appreciative  that I  got to attend.  Have  learned  so much–heard some  outstanding sermons, Bible studies and  practical workshops.  Got to meet 5 or  6  brothers   that I have  chatted with, e-mailed, and blogged  with  over  last  few  years.

The  sessions that  I  attended today:

  • How We Got Our Bible: The  English Bible (this was  4th  in series)– Denny Petrillo ( I  bought the  DVD– 1/2 off–got it for  $10.00
  • How To Grow Spiritually in Bible Class; Tom Holland.
  • New Testament Postcards: Jude: Wade Webster
  • Planning a Year of Preaching: Phil Sanders
  • Practical Advice on How To Grow A Church (Outstanding): Steve Higginbotham
  • Jesus Loves Me This I  Know- Tom Holland (One of the  best  messages  I have ever heard.

My Plans  for  Thursday Morning

  • New Testament Postcards: 3rd John- Wade Webster
  • Not sure  about  last  session- will post    about Thursday  morning  later in the  week