Pure elation!

The experience of two guys on the road to Emmaus tops my list of wish-I-could-have-been-there encounters with Jesus.    Why am I so drawn to this one?  Good question.   Perhaps it’s the side story behind all the big stories or the real life human drama of a couple of average Joe disciples.  Maybe it’s the extremes of hopelessness to elation.  But I always focus in on one line.  It absolutely intrigues me.  “Didn”t our hearts burn within us. . .?” 

What an experience that must have been!  His identity can be hidden from their eyes, but the power of his words burns in their hearts.  How cool it would have been to have witnessed this amazing encounter from beginning to end—to feel, just for a moment, what they felt.

Ah, the sad truth is, we can’t go back in time.  We can’t superimpose our presence over this event.   But does that keep us from experiencing what they felt?  Often I have found myself caught up in the stories and teachings of Jesus.  He sees into my heart.  He stumps my own wisdom.   The great Shepherd calls me to be with himself and I come.  His words burn within me.  It is pure elation!

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