Questions to ask before marrying someone

When I was a girl growing up I thought quite a bit about the boy I would hopefully one day marry. I thought about the qualifications in which I wanted him to meet. During that time I picked up a tract by brother Johnny Ramsey, “What God Hath Joined Together.” Inside the tract he had a section called “Questions to Consider Before Marriage.” Here are the questions and some comments in the tract:

  1. Does this person put spiritual values first?
  2. Will he help me go to heaven?
  3. Will I grow spiritually as a result of living with him?
  4. Is he a member of the church? If so, is he a member in name only?
  5. Does he believe in the power of prayer and the strength found in studying the Bible?
  6. Does he have those characteristics that will make him a proper father (or mother) of our children?
  7. Is he pure in speech, in body, in action and heart?
  8. Can I thank God for this person?

Jesus tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33). It would be impossible to obey this injunction and marry a follower of Satan. Someone has well stated:

“He that married a child of the Devil may expect trouble from his father-in-law.”

That concludes brother Ramsey’s statements pertaining to that subject. I recently found a like-new copy of the tract and it brought back precious memories to me. I well remember the first time I read the tract and said to myself, “Douglas fits every one of those qualifications.” That made things crystal clear in my mind. By the way, he still does after 52 years of marriage and counting! God has blessed us richly.