Quiet here, busy or off for the weekend

Everybody go off to the beach today?

I’m working on my Portuguese language sites. About one of them I tweeted yesterday: “Feeling a tinge of sadness as I consider stopping or totally revamping a project of many years.” That’s my Portuguese devotional I’ve done since the late 90s. It has gradually declined in numbers, no response whatsoever from the subscribers when I ramped it up for two months then disappeared for a month (nobody noticed!), so I figure it’s time to shake things up. Though I’ve had some nice feedback since I announced that, in March, things are going to change. But probably not enough to justify keeping on as things are.

I mentioned to Larry last night that, with my major support ending in June, changes will be required in this corner of the world, both financially and in my ministry. So some things are going to have to go, others change, others shelved. Still getting a feel for that.

Just found a fantastic item on the Internet. Trying to figure out how it might be used for the Lord. That’s what happened with TFR when this WP theme popped up on the horizon. Just have to keep the eye open for an opportunity.

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