Quotations by Barton W. Stone

Barton Warren Stone (1772-1844)

I am in search of noteworthy quotations by Barton W. Stone and wondered if anyone would like to assist?

For example, I have the following quotation attributed to Barton W.  Stone in a church bulletin on my desk:

“I suggest we restore the church as it was in the New Testament day, rooting it firmly in the pattern set by the early disciples.  With its roots there, it can sway and bend to adjust to the times, but fundamentally it would always be the same.  A strong tree is still a tree whatever winds blow.  And the church would still be the church despite men’s opinions blowing about it.”

I really like this quotation but would really like to have the bibliographical information–book, year, page number, etc.

Please feel free to add quotes by brother Stone but please include the bibliographical detail too. Perhaps running a few of the quotes from the pioneers in our bulletin will keep our efforts to restore New Testament Christianity afresh.

Tag them “Barton Stone” so these can be grouped.