Racial identity is clear cut, but sexual identity is a personal choice?

By now the average person who keeps up with any sort of news headlines in the ole’ US of A should be familiar with the firestorm controversy that was created by the “racially confused” woman who served in a leadership position for Spokane, Washington’s NAACP. Because of the strong emotions that she had felt for some time in her life, it was discovered that a “white” woman had viewed and presented herself to others as “black”.

Well, to some people this situation was just too ridiculous! The crazy bell had sounded. How could a person deny what race they were born? Even the parents had spoken up on the issue, and the childhood pictures were too clear! And people who would normally be considered very “liberal-minded” on social and moral issues jumped at the opportunity to get a few laughs at Ms. Dolezal’s expense.

But my previous sentence is where I find at least a little irony.

You see, how could people, who support individuals like a homosexual on the basis of that homosexual feeling like they were born with the wrong body, make fun of someone who genuinely feels like they were born as the wrong race? How can media outlets do nothing but support a former male Olympic athlete who decided to run on the “opposite side of the track”, but at the same time help ridicule a woman who decided to attempt to physically transform herself into the very people for whom she had become an advocate?

If something such as race, which is supposedly a characteristic that is based largely upon physical appearance, can be determined according the physical evidence alone, then how is it that sexuality is nothing but a personal choice that should not be made fun of?

If you were to ask me, I think many “liberal-minded” individuals failed to see that they played the role of a kettle that was calling Ms. Dolezal black…which, in that case, the former NAACP leader would have been glad to hear it, were it not for the fact that they were laughing at her and not with her.

If an individual must be supported simply because they “feel” that they were born into the wrong body, sexually speaking, then one would have to explain to me why an individual should be castigated because they feel the same way about their racial identity.

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