Randal asked: Am I Involved in any Camps?

Afternoon crafts at the park

With the help of the youth group from Arab, Alabama, we started our own camp: the Purcellville Christian Youth Camp (PCYC). We are in our 4th year now. We don’t have camp facilities, so we run the camp at the building and use local parks for afternoon activities. Local kids go home at night. Non-local kids stay in our member homes. Someday, our dream is to have a camp facility to have a 24×6 camp so we can have evening activities as well.

Being in N. VA, which is arguably a mission field, this camp has been a true blessing for our kids. They have developed long and lasting relationships with other Christian kids, and we’ve seen how this has strengthened the faithfulness of some of our own and helped them grow.

This year marks a new milestone for us. To this point, the Arab Christians have been responsible for all aspects of the camp. Their adults have planned and directed the camp, and under their guidance, they have used this camp to teach their older teens how to teach and run camps. This year, we have 14 adults who are using their vacation to work with the camp in some capacity or another, and we are co-directing the camp. Our teens are working with our adults as mentors to learn to teach and lead. We have two young men who will be leading singing, two who will be giving devotionals, and 4 young ladies who will be assisting in teaching the younger classes. My role? Behind the scenes coordinator and supplying the Bible class materials (an augmentation of materials I previously wrote).

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