Re: Ephesians 4

Ron, from the suggested chiastic structure below, to which I’ve added the markers, from this site, Ephesians 3.14-21 and 4.1-6 are the heart of the letter.

And the seven ones are also, it would appear, in chiastic form, which I’ll just put in regular text:

A.  one Body
B.  one Spirit
C.  one hope
X.  one Lord (Jesus)
C’. one faith
B’. one baptism
A’. one God

I don’t have any scholar to quote on this one, but it seems to me that the corresponding items match very well, A with A’ and so forth. These are not just fun for mapping out when we have nothing to do. They point out real emphases and textual focal points that enrich the meaning of the text and our understanding of the message.

All that to say, you’ve honed in on one of those focal points in today’s post, which I amen with Stephen.

Now back to 1 Cor.

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