RE: The Salvation Army; help a project

Ron brought up an excellent point about giving to groups that do not further the Lord’s interests. The Missus and I have made it a working principle that we will always give, additionally, beyond our weekly offering, to works of the church.

There will always be someone to give to social causes; the world will do that. But if we don’t give to support good works by fellow saints, who will? Too many worthy efforts go limping along or fail to go forward for lack of funds.

So through the years, as we’ve been able, we’ve supported missionaries in other South American countries, sent kids in America’s inner city to a Christian youth camp, and helped other efforts in Brazil as well. No brag, just fact; the Lord is glorified in this.

Interesting that this subject comes up today. Our good brother Roy Davison is looking to retire or, at least, scale back his efforts somewhat guarantee the continuity of his efforts when he goes to be with the Lord (no retirement planned, he says). He’s asked me eventually to continue his Internet work with Old Paths Archive and the numerous sites associated with it. That will be down the road a bit yet.

But as I’ve been talking with him recently, he mentioned that he’s paying out of his pocket to digitize V.E. Howard‘s radio sermons and put them online. These are forceful sermons that preach the gospel clearly. As I recall, it will cost around $2000 to do this, which is a huge bargain, thanks to a brother in Christ who is doing it.

If you’d like to help defray the cost of speed up this project and put more of the radio lessons online, email brother Roy and ask him how to contribute.

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