Re: Together

Ron, your post reminds me that a brother who used to be a part of the fellowship here often commented that, without Christ, we’d never have been brought together, both from our points of origin as well as our diverse backgrounds. How true that is!

As much as I love my physical family, I see in the saints here (here being SJCampos and Taubaté) how important the spiritual family of God is. For some, the church is pretty much all they’ve got. For others, there’s a physical family that isn’t supportive or is hostile to faith. Some of us are blessed in that much or most of our physical family is also spiritual family, but even at that, what heightens and informs our love and intimacy is the bond of the Spirit.

What blessings in our godly unity!
We have a single Lord, a single mind;
Among us love, acceptance, liberty,
With old and hard opinions left behind. —JRM

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