Why I read Scripture

• I READ THE BOOKS OF MOSES (Gen-Deu) to master, from the historical narrative materials, the timeless models of life with God and to learn from the priestly materials a basic sense of what it means to be holy, forgiven, and in communion with God.

• I READ THE PSALMS to learn how to respond to God with the full range of my faith and feelings.

• I READ THE OLD TESTAMENT NARRATIVES to understand how God–who is always the hero of these stories–relates to humans as they really are: elusive, complex, culturally conditioned, unpredictable, and inconsistent.

• I READ THE WISDOM BOOKS (Pro, Ecc) to learn the arts of godly living–how to live sensibly and well in life as it really is.

• I READ THE PROPHETS to be inspired by God’s vision for a moral and just society that one day will fill the earth and to be amazed as I see God’s spoken word take concrete form when predictions of future events come to past in minute detail.

• I READ THE GOSPELS to see God in His definitive manifestation of Himself in the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and to respond to Him by growing in ways of life-changing and world-changing discipleship.

• I READ THE BOOK OF ACTS to enter consciously and confidently into the never-ending story of the triumphant, joyful, spiritual expansion of the Gospel throughout the world.

• I READ THE EPISTLES to consider carefully and in context these Spirit-given studies so that I might acquire skill in thinking and making decisions with “the mind of Christ” and, thereby, contribute to the good news about God by spreading it everywhere.

• I READ REVELATION to realize that the triumph of Christ, the Lion who acts like a Lamb, is certain–regardless of the apparent power of Rome or any other evil rival for the hearts and minds of men.

• I READ ALL OF SCRIPTURE to discover and enter into the real story of my life that is a part of the story of God who is in loving pursuit of every man in order to draw him or her to him and build an intimate relationship with that person.

—Dale Pauls

“Thoughts For Today to Brighten Your Day” by Glenn, Mercedes and Lauren Hitchcock

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