Reading Material in Airports

This in the last issue of the Streetsboro,Oh., church bulletin, taken from the Fulton County Gospel News, author is Tom Wacaster:

Now, here is the truly disappointing thing about my three hours at O’ Hare. I did not see a single Bible on the shelves of that store, or any other store in that terminal. There were books on the occult, mystic magic, the new age movement, and even the Koran. But not one single copy of a Bible could be found. There were magazines to tempt the sensual pleasures, newspapers that will give you the “truth” on extraterrestrial beings in New Mexico, and “how to” books on desert survival or how to become a contestant on a game show, but no Bible. After less than five minutes perusing the shelves, I decided that my time could be used more profitably by going to my gate and reading from my Bible. For the next two hours I feasted upon the word of God, reminded myself of His great love for me, and read of that heavenly home that awaits the faithful when this life is over. Truly, I can’t think of a better way to have spent three hours at O’Hare.

A sign of the times, unfortunately, that the writer could not find a Bible in O’Hare airport. As it’s very absent from much of American society …