Recognize Your Limitations

Expectations and what our bodies will allow are frequently in conflict.

Someone expects us to get a certain level of work done and we are fearful that we cannot meet that goal. As a result, our fight or flight response elevates our blood pressure and our bodies experience great stress. In time, they begin to break down from the overload of chemicals in our bodies.

These expectations can be deadly if we do not manage them properly. We do that through exercise, breathing techniques, quiet time and connecting with God in prayer and Bible study. We rise above the stressors and find calm through Christ (Psalm 37:14; Psalm 46:10).

We must realize our limitations. We can only do what we can do. For those who suffer from health problems, this is even more pronounced. We constantly feel guilty if we are not able to do as much as we need to do. Yet, we cannot help our families or our Lord if we can’t function at all.

We must learn to pace ourselves and place ourselves in God’s hands (Matthew 11:28-30). Being honest with ourselves and with those around us is a scary proposition. We don’t want to disappoint others. Nevertheless, doing the best you can with 60% is better than falling far short of 100 %

We work smarter, not harder and within the limitations of our bodies. This requires great trust in God (Hebrews 11:6). We must also realize that fallible humans are not as understanding as our infallible God.

However, we only need to be concerned with what we can control, as frightening as that sounds. This requires a lot of faith!

Finally, those who depend on us may have to change their expectations and allow us to reorient ourselves to our new reality.

Health problems are what they are and they create new parameters that we must live within or face perpetual frustrations and failures. The choice seems clear.

Trust yourself and be hones with what you can do. However, we must be courageous not to sell ourselves short. Pushing towards our limits builds character. Yet, we cannot become carried away.

Be wise in everything.

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