Religious Extinction

My brother sent me a link, somewhat aggravated by the BBC Report (3/22/2011) that had a headline, “Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says”. My brother is both a scientist and mathematician. Anything he has to offer is to be thoughtfully considered, so I did.

After reading the article the disappointment my brother had was not shared by me to the same degree he had it. That is not to say, however, his thinking on the matter was misguided—for it was not; only that what the article said was not anything new that in biblical times had not already been experienced.

The study asserts that using census data from nine countries religion is set for extinction. There was found “a steady rise in those claiming no religious affiliation.” Perhaps, for those who know the Scripture, Genesis 6:5 will come to mind (the inclinations of man’s heart was only evil continually).

In my view, the key tem is “religious affiliation;” this term is filled with a lot of baggage. If the question (or questions) was posed that dealt with a person’s spirituality or the existence of God, there might have been a different response.

When we have more loyalty to a religious organization than to the Lord, there is no wonder there is a dilution of knowledge and understanding. To be loyal to the Lord is to be loyal to His religious affiliation. RT