Remove all filth

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

Everyone who has been fathered by God does not practice sin, because God’s seed resides in him, and thus he is not able to sin, because he has been fathered by God. 1 John 3.9

God is holy. If I am a child of God, he is my Father. I cannot practice sin in my life and be holy and acceptable to God. It is a law of creation that a seed produces its kind. Peter writes in 1 Peter 1.23 that we have been born anew from imperishable seed through the word of God. James tells us in his letter, 1.18, that God gave us birth through the message of truth. In verse 21 of the same chapter, James encourages us to remove all filth and evil excess from our lives and welcome the message that has been implanted within us. We hear that message through the preaching of the word, Romans 10.17. The word of God in our lives will keep us from sinning. We see the example of Jesus in Matthew 4.1-11. When he was tempted by Satan, Jesus used the word to overcome the temptations. Reading the word is of utmost importance. For like Jesus, we will want something more than living a life of sin. We will want to please the Father. We will want to obey him.

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