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First of all, I want to thank  the ones   from this  group  who have subscribed to the “Renewing Your Mind Spiritually Newsletter.”  It is  sent out  every  Tuesday  morning and  contains a  couple of my  articles, perhaps  an article from  some of my   friends, links to   excellent  brotherhood sites and some  audio and  video links.

The list of those  receiving the  newsletter is grown  to about  75. The May 17th newsletter was  sent out  to 69  people and we had 44%of them  open  the  newsletter and  some  checked the links.

I am asking that you  check out the  link to the newsletter and if you want to, please  subscribe.  You can  unsubscribe whenever you  want to.  It  would  really  encourage me if you would consider this.

Renewing Your Mind Spiritually

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