Requested article “Getting to Know God” by Randy Chapman & TV News

By request of the TFR’s J. Randal Matheny, I am pleased to post this article by Randy Chapman about “Getting to Know God” from our weekly eBulletin from the Wadsworth church of Christ Wadsworth eBulletin-12092012

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Randy Chapman just completed an excellent series of lessons for our gospel meeting this Fall.  He was generous in going into the TV studio and recording these lessons for my TV program.  You can watch these lessons, while these are available, at the following links:

Bible Talk #36 Interview with Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #37 Discipleship by Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #38 Satisfied But Not Justified by Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #39 The Basis of Salvation by Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #40 Okay, I Goofed, Now What? by Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #41 I See That Hand by Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #42 God’s Dividing Line by Randy Chapman

Bible Talk #43 God Has Always Provided a Shelter by Randy Chapman

Also, thanks for all those who voted for Bible Talk on WCTV’s 2012 Clapper Awards program.  The program was awarded “Runner-Up” (2nd place) for best religious program in 2012.  The award was based both on popular vote and two independent TV programming boards (one in Toledo, Ohio and the other in Palm Beach, Florida).  I was extremely pleased and thankful to have received this award; especially since this is my first effort at television work and have been doing the program less than a year.  Thanks to all those who watch and voted!
David R. Kenney