Replying to the nudge, I had two primary responses. First, my response was toward the audacity of the man and his disregard and convoluted manipulation toward his mishandling of Scripture. That he was a sincere man, I think, no one will doubt. But, as with Paul during a time in his life, this man was (is) sincerely wrong and his life is nearly over! Second, apart from him being a false teacher, I regard the situation with sympathy. He is an old man, and I am sympathetic toward older people, especially those sincerely driven. I have sympathy toward all those that he has led (and continues to lead) astray. How can one not?! Yes, I know, each one is responsible to the Lord for himself, but still…

I have taken this situation and tried to make some application in my life. I have given myself a responsibility to be sure to oppose error within the pages of the newspaper via the editorial page. In a small community opportunity is afforded me that may not be given to others; I will take advantage of that.

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