Restoration Preachers of 19th Century

I am currently reading Earl West’s volume 3 of “Search….” I really enjoy this series. This volume is a transition from the 19th to the 20th century and a report of the movement in this country.

I am not sure if I could desire to speak to only one, for many come to mind. Such men as T.B. Larimore, D. Lipscomb, McGarvey, Thomas Campbell – all these men (and many more) would be a great interest of mine with whom I would desire to speak.

If the opportunity was mine, however, I would speak to each one of them about the fussing that went on between brethren and why they thought it was occurring. I would also inquire of them about what they considered to “doctrinal fellowship issues.” I seem to recall that D Lipscomb was a good deal more charitable than many in his day over various issues.

The personalities of these men, varied as they were, would be something that I would like to learn about also. Campbell was pointed (harsh?) in his writings. Lipscomb was plain. Larimore, I understand was quite charitable, never harsh. McGarvey was scholarly.

What would it be like to listen to “Raccoon” John Smith, Ben Franklin, Moses Lard, and even Barton Stone.

the list could go on, but these are some thoughts that come to mind.

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