Neal Pollard starts off his Daily Bread with this thought:

The lead article in the fall 2009 edition of Reflections, a quarterly produced by the Yale Divinity School, is written by guest editor Martin B. Copenhaver. It is entitled “Back To The Future: ‘Retraditioning’ in the Church Today.” In it, Copenhaver writes of the huge upheaval going on within many “Reformed” or Protestant denominations. Copenhaver contrasts mainline churches with both Emergent Churches, the darling and hip face of ultimate change in religion today, and Judaism–which is the ultimate anti-Emergent Church in philosophy and practice. To summarize, Copenhaver says that churches are finding new life and vitality by doing more than just going back to their traditional roots. They are going back to ancient faith practices, particularly those discovered in scripture. He seems to indicate that as our culture has replaced Christ with secularism or hedonism as the foundation of society, churches have found new motivation not to simply assume that people believe in Christ or desire to be distinctive.

To read the whole article, go here.

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