Return with him

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

Their end is destruction, their god is the belly, they exult in their shame, and they think about earthly things. But our citizenship is in heaven – and we also await a savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform these humble bodies of ours into the likeness of his glorious body by means of that power by which he is able to subject all things to himself. Philippians 3.19-21

Paul, in Philippians 3.17, tells the Philippians to imitate his life just as he once told the Corinthians. Paul was single-minded. His goal was to be found faithful at the second coming of Jesus and to prepare as many as possible to also be ready. He encourages them to watch carefully those who live the Christian life.

Paul followed with the warning that not all who were Christians had the same point of view. There were still some who believed that the old law had to be observed. Paul stated that these people were enemies of the cross of Christ. They were focused on life on this earth and not focused on what was to come.

Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, is coming a second time. He is coming to claim his bride, the church! Those, who are faithful in the church, will return with him to heaven. Our citizenship is in heaven, not this earth. Our bodies will be transformed from their humble state. Through his power, he will change our bodies to be similar to his glorious body!

The question to ask is into what group do we fall? Are we trying to imitate Paul? Are we single-minded when it comes to our goal? Do we look forward to entering heaven for eternity? Or are we solely focused on life in the here and now? What are you focused on?

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