Last Sunday’s lesson on LOVE was very well received; I thought a reminder of what we talked about would be good.

(1) Misconceptions with regard to what love is needs to be removed. If we use the standard that society puts forth to understand love, we are sure to not understand as we ought to. As a noun it means a strong affection toward something or someone. As a verb it means to hold dear, desire actively (Webster’s, pp. 1086-1087). We get the idea, but there is still no clarity; it is a bit vague.

(2) The idea of love needs to be understood from a godly perspective. Using John 3:16 as the point of reference, we understand that God’s love toward man was seen in Jesus; he came to instruct us to deny ungodliness and to live life thinking clearly and righteously. Thus, love is not defined by anything earthly, but by God. Love is an action; an action that seeks that which is good for man.

(3) The source of Christian love is found in God. Since man has had much difficulty is defining love, it is clear that whatever he offers will be inadequate. Since man’s creation he has learned exceptionally well how to corrupt what God made pure. God is love and we love Him because He first loved us. (1 John 4:16-19, NKJV).

(4) What it means to love. This is where the application can be difficult. Our difficulty is in why we don’t always exhibit it. We wish we could be like Him and never fail to administer love. He always knows when to show it and even how. We, on the other hand, fail continually. The two great commands are to love God and love one’s neighbor as self (Matthew 22:34-40). It might be a struggle implementing love the proper way, but let us not grow weary to doing that which we ought.