Welcome Richard Reinhardt Jr.

Friends, please welcome our newest Fellow on TFR, joined today, Richard Reinhardt Jr., who preaches with the Tent Chapel church in Blockton, Ia.

Richard is a friend of Stephen and Ron’s and comes highly recommended.

Richard says he began working with the Ten Chapel congregation “on May 1, 2011. Much of my time is presently spent working through the World Video Bible School lessons and furthering my education. I am single, but the Lord’s church provides the greatest family a person could ask for. I enjoy most outdoor activities, including walking, biking, and camping.”

We look forward to Richard’s contributions and to interacting with him. Best I recall, I met Richard at the Southern Ill. Preacher’s Retreat a couple of years ago.

Good, too, to have another American state represented, and a bellwether one at that, at least, for the presidential elections coming up. But we won’t require any political commentary from him.