The road will be long and hard

I’ve mentioned before that the World Convention, an ecumenical movement involving Disciples of Christ, Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, and progressives in the Lord’s body, is coming to Brazil next year. Some congregations here are already promoting it. Its goal is to lay aside doctrine as a barrier to fellowship and to interface with the wider religious scene in Christendom.

Let no one say they did it from ignorance. But many churches, even supposedly faithful ones, are participating in efforts with progressives here. They think they can do it and still remain pure. “Take what is good, and spit out the bones,” one Brazilian elder told me, who sought me out to persuade me to participate in and approve of the Brazilian version of ACU’s ElderLink. They brought down an evangelical to speak for that.

The Brazilian ethos is to avoid conflict. One of our challenges is to teach that one cannot be a Christian and approve of everyone’s behavior, not even in the church. Many want to continue fellowship with those who bring another teaching, and think that they won’t be affected, nor will such teaching spread. Such people are ignoring clear instructions from God.

It pains me to see, and I agonize over how much and how far to speak. I certainly teach these things in the congregations where I work and in the venues where I am invited to speak. This issue affects so many even there in the U.S., some of the most conservative supporting churches and most respected brethren are turning a blind eye to it. Let us pray that the Lord may preserve his people, for the road will be long and hard.

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