Rolling Eyes at Women

What makes me roll my eyes is women in the way they dress.  For some time I have just shuddered to see how scantily dressed women are on the beach, compared to men in their knee-length swim trunks.  You only have to watch some of the reality shows on television to see that the women seem to think the less they have on, the more successful they will be.  And then take a look at the news channels, or morning shows, where you have a woman and man sitting side by side. There he sits in a nice suit and tie and right beside him she has her legs crossed and her dress usually resting half-way up above her knees.  I have wondered if that is a rule in which they agree to work for a television talk/news show?  Even game show programs with live audiences, have you noticed how the camera zooms in on the woman who has the most showing?  I think women are so ignorant in doing this and yes, I roll my eyes in disgust.  It must grieve our Lord.