Rolling down the highway

We’re in Arkansas today, headed to Texas tomorrow, then to Oklahoma Sunday afternoon, zipping back to Tennessee on Monday, to get ready for a trip to Illinois the following Sunday. So you may not see me on the Internet as much over the next few days.

I probably have mentioned somewhere that it seems harder to set up appointments to present the GoSpeak work to congregations, elderships, or missions committees. Maybe we’ve just run through our gamut of contacts, so the problem may be on our side of the coin.

We refuse to hit the emergency button with brethren, as I’ve seen done. “If you don’t support this work today, it will all go down the tubes, souls will be lost, and ground that we have gained (through this ministry, or in this place) will be lost.” No, the work will go on. God will continue to use every situation for his work and will. It might just be in spite of some of us, but he will do it.

Funds are needed, but more than that, prayers and faith in the hand of God among us and through us.

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