Randal asked about how our respective Sunday’s went. Thinking on that, I think I would be interested in hearing (reading) what a daily routine is for the fellows. Though no one may be interested, I will give my morning (not afternoon, it varies too much) routine.
1. In the office by 4:30, make a pot of coffee, check emails, facebook, and make the morning post on TFR.
2. Open my Bible and begin the reading. I started out the year with a goal of 10 NT chapters each day and 8 OT chapters each day. That has not worked out so well. I meet the NT, but the OT is down to 3, perhaps 4. Finally, I will do critical work in a text (like today it it will be on Acts).
3. I do additional reading in various works (currently a NT Grk Gram, a book by FF Bruce)
4. I write articles, which generally consist of modified sermons. None of my sermons are in manuscript form, but when I turn an outline of a sermon (generally just a 1 page outline) into an article, I am able to get about 1200 words.

This is my routine; it may not be much in comparison with another, but it works well for me. I like reading (or hearing) about the routine of others because, perhaps, I can improve upon mine to help me just a little more.