Ruler totally righteous

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

“I, the Lord, promise that a new time will certainly come when I will raise up for them a righteous branch, a descendant of David. He will rule over them with wisdom and understanding and will do what is just and right in the land. … Jeremiah 23.5

This verse is a prophecy regarding Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus is a descendant of David, who was anointed king of Israel after Saul. Jesus is the only ruler who could be totally regarded as righteous.

Jesus rules over the church which is a spiritual kingdom. He has brought all men from everywhere, both Jew and Gentile, into this kingdom. In his kingdom, having been baptized into Christ, we are clothed with Christ. We are all one. It matters not if you were Jew or Gentile before your baptism. In Christ we are one, Galatians 3.27-28.

Christ is the head of the body. He came in the form of man to be like us in every respect. Therefore, it is possible for him to help us when we are tempted, Hebrews 2.18. He can rule with wisdom and understanding.

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