Sad note in midst of laughter

Sorry to interrupt the good replies about what makes you laugh. I do hope you’ll continue with the laughter posts, for life insists on proceeding even in the midst of death. Scott posted this last Friday, and I’d asked his permission to post it here. He got back with me earlier today. I’ve edited it slightly.

This has been a sad week in our little town. Last weekend some of the local kids got a hold of a prescription pain patch, Fenandyl, and in smoking it, an 11th grade girl passed out and never regained consciousness.

I spent most of Tuesday at the high school, along with several other preachers, to talk with kids who felt the need. Her funeral was Wednesday. She was 17. Of the other three kids, only one was 18 and he is being charged. The other two, 17-year-olds, may still be charged.

The pain patch contained several days worth of medicine and when smoked is considered to be 100 times stronger than morphine.

A child is dead. A mother is mourning her daughter. A school is mourning a classmate. A community is mourning one of their own. Three young people will live the rest of their lives with the knowledge that they had a hand in her death.

–Scott P. Wiley, Clay City, IN, Blog:

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