Safe is such a wonderful word. Scared children call for their parents to reassure them they are safe.

“Safe in the Arms of Jesus” is such a wonderful song. A preacher during a funeral once said about the song he was reminded of a baseball umpire calling players “safe at home.”

“Safe in the arms of Jesus; safe on his gentle breast. There by his love o’er shaded, sweetly my soul shall rest.” What a great thought that through the magnificent grace of Jesus, my soul shall someday rest from the labors of this world! Resting there in heaven, we’ll be allowed to serve our Lord and hang on every word he says We’ll be able to thank him for allowing us to have the Bible to read and study. There will be no night there (Revelation 22:5). There will be nothing to harm anyone. There will be no disease, no venomous creatures, no criminals, nothing that can speak a lie. No fences, no need to call 911.


#heaven, #safety