Safety Measures

I’m a safety freak, so to speak. Some call me a mama lioness. A mother hen might be a better description. Our teenagers have no idea what it’s like to ride in a car without 3-point seat belts. From infancy, they’ve been in proper restraints. I refused to buy a junker for my son to drive, even though the insurance company recommended such. Instead, I found an older Volvo that was built like a tank. Cool? No, but much safer. I love my kids too much to put them in a death trap. I want to know where they will be and with whom — they are to text me when they leave and arrive if going out at night. I could go on and on, but I won’t… Beyond the normal, I seem to have an innate danger detector. E.g., for reasons I cannot explain, I sensed imminent danger several years ago while outdoors at a particular location. The very next day, the DC sniper shot someone at the gas station next door to where we were. He was sitting across the street on a hill overlooking the place where we were. We had been under enormous stress for weeks due to the sniper. But that one day, I just freaked. Creepy, huh?