Saturday catch-up: sad news

Very sad news over on BNc: a preacher and his wife were murdered in their Fulton Miss., home by a neighbor on Thursday, their son, also a preacher, found them yesterday. Our hearts go out to the family and our prayers will accompany them.

Writing up such stories are difficult. It does allow others to know and pray and, for those who can, offer some assistance. In that there is good.

I was in Fulton not so long ago, visiting the folk at 21st Century Global Missions. It’s not far from my wife’s hometown.

• On my blog a nifty chiastic structure for Acts 2:41-47. Now help me figure out what it means. Also, I finally chime in on Harding University’s recent hubbub, and the grad school’s name change.

• The February issue of Gospel Advocate arrived a day or so ago. Snail mail is snailish as ever, if not worse. I’ve put a few quotes from that issue out on the FPress twitter, then retweeted on my personal twitter.

• Thanks to those who have sent me suggestions and ideas for my fill-in sermon tomorrow on Acts 2:42, either by email or Facebook. If I can finagle the time, I’ll translate it and share it with you. My outlines tend to be skimpy as a rule, though, so be warned it’ll not be much special.

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