Moving and speaking: Saul’s first trip back to Jerusalem after conversion

old-jerusalemAfter Saul is converted in the city of Damascus, Barnabas opens the doors for him into the fellowship of the Jerusalem church.

The disciples were wary of him, apparently not believing his conversion was genuine, but rather a ruse in order to find and arrest them.

And he was with them, moving about freely in Jerusalem, speaking out boldly in the name of the Lord,” Ac 9.28 NASB.

Here are some disparate thoughts on this verse.

What does Luke mean by the phrase, “moving about freely in Jerusalem”? Among the brethren? Or that he was already going to the Jews to preach the gospel?

If the phrase is a dependent clause of the main sentence, it would appear to refer to the former idea, to the brethren. Barnabas did a good job of convincing the apostles.

NLT understands “them” as being the apostles, and the previous verse strengthens that link, but perhaps we shouldn’t limited his movements as being only among the Twelve.

The touted literalism of the NASB fails again, translating “going in and going out” as “moving freely.” Justifiably so.

After the Lord Jesus appears to him, he quickly puts it all together and does not fear to speak out. New converts might note his eagerness from the start. (They often do emulate Saul’s eagerness, to their credit; it’s the older ones who forget.)

Moving and speaking. Saul gives us a glimpse of what his service to God will be like.

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